Jury Awards $35 million for Fatal Interstate Crash

Wrecks on the interstate occur on a daily basis and can sometimes be deadly.

A woman was a passenger in an automobile that was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer.  Their vehicle was stopped at the time of the accident and the damage was deadly.  She was one of four people killed.

Plaintiff’s attorneys argued that Centra Trucking Company who employed the driver of semi-truck was reckless in the supervision of their drivers.

They further claimed that the driver was fatigued at the time of the crash and falsified his rest logs to show that he was sleeping as he was driving. The attorneys demonstrated this by issuing a subpoena for the driver’s cell phone history which proved he was in Illinois when his rest log said he was in Missouri.

The jury awarded a $5.25 million compensatory verdict and a $30 million punitive damages decision for the victim.

Source: Roy Gibbs v. George M. Albright and Centra Trucking Co

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