Toddler Swallows Battery, Undergoes 18 Surgeries

According to the CBS affiliate in Arizona KPHO-TV, a toddler who swallowed a tiny battery has undergone several  surgeries as doctors battle to save his life.

The- two-year-old swallowed a lithium battery from a remote control and has now undergone 18 surgeries in the past year at Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona.

His mother Karla Rauch said no one saw her son swallow the battery and the first symptoms he had were similar to a cold.

She said in an interview with KPHO-TV: “Batteries start burning in the esophagus within two hours and it was in him we think about three days.”

The acid from the battery burned two holes through the toddler’s esophagus, requiring surgery to remove four inches from it.

Unfortunately, the two-year-old has has spent more than 19 weeks of his young life in the pediatric ICU.  He has also suffered several cases of collapsed lung and had close to 200 X-rays.

Lithium batteries extremely dangerous because they don’t have as much casing as an AA battery.

According to the National Capital Poison Center, each year more than 3,500 people swallow miniature disc or button batteries across the U.S.

The Rauch family set up a charity to raise awareness about the tiny batteries which are used in everyday objects like clocks, cameras and calculators.  The charity is called Emmett’s Fight and informs people about the dangers of button battery ingestion.

By: Pete Strom, South Carolina Accident Lawyer