Target Zero Campaign Focuses on DUI and Traffic Fatalities

Target Zero Campaign Aims to Prevent Traffic Fatalities this New Years

Traffic FatalitiesEvery year, the holiday season, stretching from Thanksgiving to New Years, corresponds with a rise in traffic fatalities. Many people drive to visit family and friends for various holiday festivities, and the stress of driving can lead to car accidents. And holiday festivities often involve drinking alcohol, so many people make the mistake of driving home after a few beers or glasses of wine, and at the very least, are arrested on DUI charges; at worst, they cause a deadly accident.

This year, traffic fatalities and accidents in South Carolina have gone up again, after finally declining in 2013. Last year, there were 762 traffic fatalities, which was a 30-year low for the state. However, this year, that number has jumped to 806 due almost entirely to the holiday traffic rush.

South Carolina police will be involved in the Target Zero campaign – a program which runs all year, but which becomes the focus for many officers during the holidays.

“Through Target Zero we go around asking people how many fatalities do you want in your family? How many people do you want to know to be killed in the state of South Carolina?” Senior Trooper Hannah Wimberly explained.

“When you put it into reality there’s always gonna be some type of fatal collision of course throughout the state. But when it’s in your family or it’s somebody you know, it always hits home,” Wimberly said.

“Driving under the influence still contributes to almost half of the fatalities,” Lance Cpl. Judd Jones said. “We want to start 2015 on a positive note. Target Zero is our goal.”

South Carolina recently passed legislation to ticket drivers who text and drive, so Target Zero will focus not only on drunk drivers, but on distracted drivers as well. Studies show that distracted driving can be just as fatal as drunk driving.

“We just ask that you find some other way home so you don’t go out and kill someone or yourself,” Wimberly said.

“We made tremendous strides in reducing the number of highway fatalities last year,” SCDPS Director Leroy Smith said. “Unfortunately, motorists are still not heeding the warnings about the dangers of drinking and driving. We want to finish out the year with zero traffic fatalities, and removing drunk drivers from our roadways is a major step toward that goal.”

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