Trucking Companies Must Help Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving is a Huge Safety Problem for Trucking Companies Distracted driving is becoming one of the biggest road safety hazards in the United States. Numerous studies have shown that modern technology poses a huge temptation to drivers – hands-free phones, smart watches or other wearable … [Read more...]

Walmart Disputes Tracy Morgan’s Trucking Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit

Tracy Morgan Filed Personal Injury Lawsuit After Trucking Accident, Walmart Claims Morgan is At Fault After a terrible trucking accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan’s limousine and a Walmart truck, which severely injured Morgan and killed one of his friends, the comedian filed a personal injury … [Read more...]

Trucking Company Could Be Liable for Distracted Driving Collision

Trucking Company Under Investigation for Oklahoma-Area Distracted Driving Collision, Not Driver A Nashville, TN-based trucking company is under investigation after one of their drivers in Oklahoma allegedly crossed the median without any signs of braking or attempting to avoid the collision, which … [Read more...]

Company Liable for Trucking Accident Case

Judge Holds Company Liable for Affiliate in Trucking Accident Case Plaintiff Michael Stratton lost his wife in a trucking accident in 2009, when a truck driver caused a crash on the New York Turnpike because he was watching pornography while driving. The truck driver is currently in jail on … [Read more...]

Agency Updates Medical Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers

FMCSA Updates Medical Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers to Prevent Trucking Accidents In May of this year, the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) updated requirements for commercial truck drivers, stating that they needed to see a … [Read more...]

Wal-Mart Trucking Accident Caused Tracy Morgan Crash

Driver that Caused Trucking Accident Involving Tracy Morgan Had Been Awake Too Long In the early morning on Saturday, June 7th, a driver caused a serious trucking accident that severely injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed one of the other passengers in his vehicle. Reportedly, 35-year-old … [Read more...]

Truck Driver Faces Criminal Charges for Trucking Accident

Driver Faces Criminal Charges for Trucking Accident in Illinois Caused by Fatigue A truck driver who caused a fatal trucking accident on I-88 in Illinois was scheduled to appear in court in DuPage County on Wednesday, January 29th. Renato Velasquez, 46, from Hanover Park, faces four felony … [Read more...]

Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyers

18 Wheeler Accidents 18 Wheeler Accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles such as semi tractor trailers, flatbed or tanker trucks, buses, or construction accidents can often result in a serious injury or death. Injuries sustain in these types of accidents can be disabling. Accidents … [Read more...]