Greenville Officially Bans Texting and Driving

New Ordinance on Texting and Driving Passes in Greenville After a thorough debate in January, the Greenville city council passed an ordinance that will ban texting and driving while in the city. The ordinance makes exceptions for emergency workers such as EMTs, and allows the use of hands-free … [Read more...]

Toyota Found Not Guilty in Wrongful Death Vehicle Acceleration Lawsuit

Elderly Defendant, Not Toyota, Responsible for Vehicle Acceleration in Wrongful Death Lawsuit On Thursday, October 10th, a Los Angeles jury declared Toyota not liable for the death of an elderly woman, whose family’s wrongful death lawsuit was the first bellwether case in a long line of personal … [Read more...]

Charleston, SC Passes Texting and Driving Ban

City of Charleston Officially Bans Texting and Driving, Plans to Educate Drivers The City of Charleston passed a ban on texting and driving on Tuesday, October 8th. However, the council noted that there will need to be time to educate drivers about the new ban. Police Chief Greg Mullen said that … [Read more...]

Charleston Considers Texting and Driving Ban

One of SC’s Largest Cities Reviewing Texting and Driving Ban The City of Charleston could see a ban on texting and driving soon. The Charleston City Council’s Wednesday agenda noted that an ordinance will be presented that could make it illegal for drivers to text and drive, or use their smart … [Read more...]

Driver’s Vehicular Manslaughter Charge Upgraded to Murder After Tweets

Driving History and Twitter Feed Led to Murder Charge After Driver Killed Cyclist On August 14th, an 18 year old man from Pleasanton, California was taken into custody on a murder charge after an investigation into his Twitter feed and past driving history upgraded the charge from vehicular … [Read more...]

First Acceleration-Linked Wrongful Death Bellwether Case Against Toyota Goes to Trial

Acceleration Problems Linked to Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Go to Court with First Bellwether Case The first lawsuit in a long line of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against Toyota for their notorious acceleration problem is going to trial August 8th. About 85 personal injury … [Read more...]

SC Sees First Texting and Driving Bans

Municipalities Across Beaufort County Ban or Restrict Texting and Driving Although South Carolina is currently one of three states in the country that does ban texting and driving, the state could see a no texting and driving law on the books very soon. In early July, the Hilton Head Island Town … [Read more...]

Hyundai Airbag Lawsuit Lands Traumatic Brain Injury Victim $14 Million

Victim and His Family Awarded $14 Million After Traumatic Brain Injury Personal Injury Lawsuit In 2010, then-16-year-old Zachary Duncan ran his car off the road and into a tree, causing a severe traumatic brain injury. He and his family sued Hyundai Motor Corp after the accident because the side … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Filed in BUI Crash from 2010

Families of Victims of Boating Accident in 2010 File Wrongful Death Lawsuits In May 2010, three friends decided to go camping on an island in Lake Murray late at night. However, the camping trip ended in a deadly crash, killing two of the three boat’s passengers when the boat collided with a second … [Read more...]

Hands-Free Devices for Texting and Driving Still Risky

AAA Study Finds Hands-Free Texting and Driving Technology Still Risky The latest in technology - voice-activated programs in cars that allow drivers to text or write emails with voice commands instead of with their hands - was marketed as very safe, much safer than texting and driving with the … [Read more...]