App Solutions Offered for Distracted Driving

Some Apps Offer Solutions to Prevent Distracted Driving State Farm recently released information from its distracted driving survey, which found that fewer people talk on the phone while driving, but the advent of smartphone technology has led many drivers to read, text, Tweet, and chat message … [Read more...]

Tech Company Offers Anti-Distracted Driving Program

Tech Company and Sprint Partner for Anti-Distracted Driving Program Although many activities can distract a driver – talking to a passenger, messing with the radio, eating or putting on makeup – the current number one cause of distracted driving is mobile phone use. Mobile phones, especially … [Read more...]

GM to Help Prevent Distracted Driving by Developing New Software

GM and Takata Reportedly Developing Eye-Sensing Tech to Prevent Distracted Driving A new facial recognition software may be applied to vehicles to help prevent distracted driving, according to a new report. The system was developed by Australian company Seeing Machines, which works with … [Read more...]