SC Worst in Nation for DUI Deaths

MADD Finds that South Carolina Leads Nation in DUI Deaths New traffic death information released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that South Carolina leads the nation in DUI deaths. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a national anti-DUI advocacy group, … [Read more...]

People Understand Dangers of Texting and Driving, Do It Anyway

Study Shows Drivers Understand Danger of Texting and Driving but Chooses to do it Anyway A new survey shows that 98% of drivers understand the dangers of texting and driving – statistically, it just as dangerous as drinking and driving – but those drivers chose to text and drive regardless of the … [Read more...]

Man Charged with Felony DUI in Fatal DUI Accident

DUI Charges for Man Who Caused Fatal DUI Accident that Killed Two People The South Carolina Highway Patrol arrested a Westminster, SC resident on DUI charges after he caused a fatal DUI accident that led to a 5-car pile-up and the deaths of two people. Around 7:45 PM on Saturday, September 6th, … [Read more...]

Driver In NYC Tour Bus Crash Arrested for DUI

Tour Bus Driver Arrested for DUI After Bus Crash Causing Numerous Injuries The driver of a double-decker tourist bus in New York City has been arrested on DUI charges after causing a bus crash with another tour bus late on Tuesday night. The tour bus crash occurred around 8:30 PM on Tuesday … [Read more...]

Orangeburg Man Faces Felony Charges in Motorcycle Accident

Suspect Arrested on Felony Charges for Manslaughter, DUI After Motorcycle Accident A man from Orangeburg now faces felony charges related to a motorcycle accident that killed the off-road bike’s driver. The suspect, 41-year-old Shareef Shabazz, may also face criminal charges for possibly beating … [Read more...]

DUI in Southern California Leads to 6 Deaths

Woman Charged with Felony DUI that Led to Deadly Crash in Southern California A woman in Southern California has been officially charged with felony DUI after driving the wrong way at over 100 mph, and causing a crash that killed six people. Olivia Carolee Culbreath, 21, from Fontana, CA, was … [Read more...]