Fracking Boom Increases Traffic Accident Deaths in Texas

Traffic Accident Deaths Caused by Exhausted and Distracted Drivers in Texas Linked to Fracking Jobs As cars were designed with driver safety in mind, traffic accidents deaths in Texas have been falling. The trend continued across the Lone Star State for decades, until a boom in oil mining and … [Read more...]

Wal-Mart Trucking Accident Caused Tracy Morgan Crash

Driver that Caused Trucking Accident Involving Tracy Morgan Had Been Awake Too Long In the early morning on Saturday, June 7th, a driver caused a serious trucking accident that severely injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed one of the other passengers in his vehicle. Reportedly, 35-year-old … [Read more...]

Sender of Text to Distracted Driver Being Sued

A pending court case in New Jersey may determine whether there are legal consequences for texting someone when they're behind the wheel. In 2009, Kyle Best hit a couple on their motorcycle while responding to a text sent by Shannon Colonna. The couple both lost their left legs and have not only … [Read more...]

Airbag Defects

With every passing year, airbag systems become more and more complex. For example, many systems now monitor seat position and belt use (or non-use) to determine when and if an airbag deployment is needed to protect the occupant in minor to moderate accidents. With this ever increasing complexity, … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Road Slides into Ocean

Severe rain in the southern part of  California has caused a huge portion of a road to collapse into the ocean, leaving a huge hole in the side of a cliff.   Over the weekend, a 900ft section of highway south of Los Angeles eroded and slid  into the Pacific Ocean.   The section … [Read more...]

Toddler Swallows Battery, Undergoes 18 Surgeries

According to the CBS affiliate in Arizona KPHO-TV, a toddler who swallowed a tiny battery has undergone several  surgeries as doctors battle to save his life. The- two-year-old swallowed a lithium battery from a remote control and has now undergone 18 surgeries in the past year at Phoenix … [Read more...]

ADT Recalls Carbon Monoxide Detectors

South Carolina Accident Attorneys Approximately 20,000 CO 1224T Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors are being voluntarily recalled by Sensor System, of St. Charles, Ill., and ADT Security Services Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla., in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In order to check … [Read more...]