Fatal Reckless Driving Accident Leads to Prison Time

Summerville Teen Faces 4 Years in Prison for Fatal Reckless Driving Accident

fatal reckless drivingA year after a terrible accident caused by one now 18-year-old’s fatal reckless driving in South Carolina, a conviction has been secured.

Cullen Dupree, who should be a senior in high school this year, was sentenced to 4 years in prison-practically a college career- for reckless homicide and causing a hit-and-run accident, which killed 21-year-old Amanda Carey.

There were no drugs or alcohol involved in the South Carolina reckless driving accident. Witnesses said they saw Dupree “brake checking” drivers in an attempt to run them off the road. He swerved to block the Jeep Cherokee containing Carey and her friend and driver, Taylor Watkins, as they tried to pass him on the high way, which caused the serious accident. Worse, Dupree did not stop at the scene of the accident – instead, he took two passengers in his vehicle home before returning to the scene, leading to the hit-and-run charges.

Dupree told police at the scene, when he returned, an elaborate story about how the fatal reckless driving accident occurred. At one time, Watkins was charged with a DUI when officers found an open container in the car, and he admitted to drinking earlier in the day, but a volunteer blood test showed no signs of intoxication.

Eventually, Dupree’s three passengers admitted what was going on in the car that led to the fatal reckless driving accident.

The prosecution asked for the maximum sentence for Dupree, due to his lack of remorse for his reckless driving which caused the death of another driver, which stunned the Carey family in the court room. Dupree could have faced 10 years in prison for the homicide charge, and 25 years in prison for the hit and run; however, the judge sentenced him to 8 years in prison, with 4 suspended on probation.

“It’s really a story of some teenagers fooling around on the road,” the prosecution said. “It’s just a tragedy all around.”

Reckless Driving and Other Traffic Offenses in South Carolina

Common South Carolina Traffic Offenses Include:

  • speeding,
  • following too closely,
  • driving with a suspended license, DUS
  • DUI,
  • driving without insurance,
  • careless driving, and
  • reckless driving.

In SC, if you accumulate a total of 12 points your license may be suspended.  Your license may also be suspended if you fail to pay your traffic ticket within 12 months of the day it is issued.

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