Slowpoke Law Aims to Prevent Car Accidents in Georgia

Georgia’s New Slowpoke Law Hopes to Prevent Car Accidents Caused by Slow Drivers

Slowpoke LawA new traffic law in Georgia, the Slowpoke Law, went into effect on July 1st, and as of Sunday, July 27th, is being enforced by officers. The law aims to prevent car accidents on busy highways in the southern state, but doesn’t punish motorists driving too fast – instead, it targets those driving too slow.

“People who are driving faster sometimes get upset at people who are impeding them, causing them to make evasive maneuvers to get around the slower vehicles and sometimes lose control and crash,” said Corporal Tracy Webb, a police officer based in Athens, GA.

“If you have a slower moving vehicle such as 50, 55 or even 60 miles an hours it can greatly affect overall traffic safety,” said Lt. Mark Nicohls, Ohio State Highway Patrol Dayton Post.

The Slowpoke Law aims to ticket drivers going under the speed limit, who might cause car accidents as drivers speed up to pass them.

Enforcement of the law began in the third week of July, but so far, troopers are only issuing warnings to slower drivers. “We just want to educate the public,” the trooper said. “We don’t want people to get caught off guard.”

Once the slowpoke law goes into full effect, however, driving below the speed limit will be a misdemeanor and will be punishable with up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. However, the law specifies only drivers in the passing lane, or the lane furthest to the left on the highway – it will not punish drivers in the “slow lane,” which is furthest to the right.

“A lot of people are saying, ‘I’m doing the speed limit so I’m going to slow them down,’” Webb said. “That’s taking the law into your own hands. If you’re really concerned about someone’s driving, make a call to the local 911 center and give a vehicle description and tag number.”

Road rage car accidents can be caused when slow drivers remain in the passing lane and refuse to move for those driving at the speed limit or faster.

“The big question is what if someone’s doing the speed limit and are they able to be pulled over” for a citation, said Jeff Rothman, an Athens defense attorney who specializes in motor vehicle law. “It’s challengeable in that it the law may be vague for the person who is doing the speed limit.”

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