Los Angeles Road Slides into Ocean

Severe rain in the southern part of  California has caused a huge portion of a road to collapse into the ocean, leaving a huge hole in the side of a cliff.


Over the weekend, a 900ft section of highway south of Los Angeles eroded and slid  into the Pacific Ocean.


The section of Paseo Del Mar in the San Pedro area has been edging seawards for months but this is the first time a sizeable chunk has broken away completely.

Creases began to show in the road a few months ago and the scenic route was closed for safety.  The scenic area has seen years of home building and many blame the construction work for de-stabilizing the cliff face.

Engineer Gary Moore said in an interview with the LA Times: “This entire coast along here is a cliff, so nature has created a new cliff.”

The mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa described the once scenic route as a  “significant landslide” and urged people to stay away from the affected stretch of road.

“The landslide area remains unstable and presents a life-threatening hazard.”

Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries or property damage in the immediate area.


By: Pete Strom, South Carolina Accident Attorney