Four Southern States Target Reckless Driving on I-95

Four States Cooperate to Target Reckless Driving on I-95 for Three Days

reckless driving on I-95South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia have joined forces in a three-day crackdown of reckless driving on I-95 for a striking 900 miles.

“On I-95 we see a lot of speeding and aggressive driving, meaning improper lane changes, things of that nature,” Dorchester County Sheriff’s Sergeant Russ Conklin said.

“It seems like a lot of the people are in a hurry to get to where they’re going and we just want them to slow down,” Conklin said.

The reckless driving crackdown began on Tuesday, June 17th, and will go through the 18th and 19th.

“As we work with our partners in other states, the Patrol continues its commitment to reduce the number of commercial vehicle related crashes,” said Col. David Brierton, Florida Highway Patrol director. “Whether you are driving a commercial motor vehicle or a passenger car, we want you to arrive at your destination safely.”

“Drive safe and stay alive,” Conklin said.

Drivers on I-95 through Dorchester, SC have noticed the increased police presence.

“Yes, it makes us slow down a little,” said Joe Cevella, who was traveling on I-95 to New York.

“There was a lot of them, but it’s okay, it’s keeping everybody under control,” said Mary Collins, who was driving to Kentucky.

Law enforcement officers are also ensuring that commercial drivers, including 18-wheelers, are following the law and staying alert. Commercial truck drivers are often as guilty of reckless driving as private car owners, because they are trying to make strict delivery deadlines which can cause stress on the driver.

Reckless Driving and Other Traffic Offenses in South Carolina

Common South Carolina Traffic Offenses Include:

  • speeding,
  • following too closely,
  • driving with a suspended license, DUS
  • DUI,
  • driving without insurance,
  • careless driving, and
  • reckless driving.

Many people do not consider that in addition to your traffic citation, you can lose points off of your driver’s license and you may be forced to pay increased insurance premiums.

When making your decision about how to best handle your traffic ticket, you need to make sure that you understand the consequences of your conviction.  A plea of guilty, nolo contendere, which means that you are not admitting guilt but that you do not contest the charge, or simply forfeiting your bond are all considered a conviction in South Carolina.

In SC, if you accumulate a total of 12 points your license may be suspended.  Your license may also be suspended if you fail to pay your traffic ticket within 12 months of the day it is issued.

The Strom Law Firm Can Help with Reckless Driving Charges

If you have been pulled over and charged with reckless driving, distracted driving, texting while driving, or other traffic offenses, you may need a solid defense to help lower your ticket or keep you out of jail. Whether you are charged with a two-point violation, four-point violation, or even a six-point violation, you need to make sure that your driver’s license is protected. Defense attorneys at Strom Law Firm, LLC offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case. Contact us today at 803.252.4800

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