Trucking Companies Must Help Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving is a Huge Safety Problem for Trucking Companies Distracted driving is becoming one of the biggest road safety hazards in the United States. Numerous studies have shown that modern technology poses a huge temptation to drivers – hands-free phones, smart watches or other wearable … [Read more...]

4 Passengers File Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Megabus

After Megabus Accident, 4 Passengers File Personal Injury Lawsuits On Tuesday morning, October 14th, a Megabus bound for Chicago suffered a severe crash that left at least 26 of the 56 passengers injured, with 6 of those injuries considered serious. A total of 18 people had to be taken to area … [Read more...]

Tech Company Offers Anti-Distracted Driving Program

Tech Company and Sprint Partner for Anti-Distracted Driving Program Although many activities can distract a driver – talking to a passenger, messing with the radio, eating or putting on makeup – the current number one cause of distracted driving is mobile phone use. Mobile phones, especially … [Read more...]

Updates to Distracted Driving Laws Could Lead to Cell Phone Ban

San Antonio Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Cell Phones in Distracted Driving Law A lawmaker in San Antonio has proposed updates to local distracted driving laws that would mean drivers cannot not use cell phones at all while in their vehicles. Mike Gallagher, from District 10, proposed a revision to San … [Read more...]

SC May See State-Wide Texting and Driving Ban

Senate Subcommittee Approves Texting and Driving Ban On Thursday, February 20th, a subcommittee in the South Carolina Senate passed an agreement that stated South Carolina drivers should be subject to a statewide ban on texting and driving. Bans on texting and driving have passed local … [Read more...]