Study Links Motorcycle Accident Survival to Universal Helmet Laws

Universal Helmet Laws Help Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury, Increase Survival In Motorcycle Accidents A new study showed that states with universal helmet laws, which require motorcyclists to wear helmets at all ages, are directly tied to lower rates of traumatic brain injury, severe personal … [Read more...]

Bicycle Accident Deaths Increase in US

Wrongful Bicycle Accident Deaths Increase On Monday, October 27th, the Governors Highway Safety Association released a survey showing that, between 2010 and 2012, bicycle accident deaths rose 16% in the US, after dropping steadily since 1975. More people in the United States are using bicycles … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed for Bike Crash that Killed Former Napster COO

Family Will File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against LA Cop That Killed Entertainment Lawyer in Bike Crash The family of an entertainment lawyer and former COO of Napster announced on Thursday, August 28th, that they would move forward with the wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles … [Read more...]

Bicyclist Death Leads to SC Felony DUI Charges

Driver Faces SC Felony DUI Charges After Striking and Killing a Bicyclist An Atlantic Beach resident was arrested on SC felony DUI charges on Saturday, July 12th, after striking and killing a bicyclist while driving drunk. Demetrius Cordell Hall, 24, was arrested on Saturday on charges of SC … [Read more...]

SC Rural Roads: Poor Maintenance Can Lead to An Accident

SC Rural Roads: Poor Maintenance and Improperly Maintained Roads Are Dangerous As you are driving down I-26, I-77, or I-20, you may look out for dangerous drivers who may cause an accident.  You may not pay attention to dangerous road conditions and/or improperly maintained roads when you think … [Read more...]

Moped Accident Deaths Up from Last Year

South Carolina Moped Accident Deaths Higher Than Last Year According to a report from the South Carolina State Highway Patrol, while the number of accident deaths on motorcycles or while not wearing a seatbelt is down, the number of moped accident deaths has increased. In the first six months of … [Read more...]

49er’s Culliver Arrested for Bicycle Accident, Criminal Charges

Cornerback for 49ers Arrested on Criminal Charges for Causing Bicycle Accident Chris Culliver, the cornerback for the 49ers, was arrested on Friday, March 28th, on criminal charges including causing a bicycle accident. Culliver, who is currently out of jail after posting bail, was arrested on … [Read more...]

Orangeburg Man Faces Felony Charges in Motorcycle Accident

Suspect Arrested on Felony Charges for Manslaughter, DUI After Motorcycle Accident A man from Orangeburg now faces felony charges related to a motorcycle accident that killed the off-road bike’s driver. The suspect, 41-year-old Shareef Shabazz, may also face criminal charges for possibly beating … [Read more...]

ATV Accident Numbers Rise in Nice Weather

With Nice Weather, More People Use ATVs, End Up in ATV Accidents According to Maury County Fire Department District 1 Chief Richard Schatz, nice weather coincides with a rise in ATV accidents. “When the weather gets nicer, the ATV and the motorcycle traffic picks up, Schatz said. “ … We … [Read more...]

SC House Passes Moped Safety Bill

Concerns About Moped Safety Lead to New Bill The South Carolina House of Representatives passed a new bill on Tuesday, February 4th, to improve moped safety across the state. The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SC DMV) defines a “moped” as “a cycle with pedals or without pedals and … [Read more...]