Airbag Defects

With every passing year, airbag systems become more and more complex. For example, many systems now monitor seat position and belt use (or non-use) to determine when and if an airbag deployment is needed to protect the occupant in minor to moderate accidents. With this ever increasing complexity, the ability to identify and prosecute airbag defect claims becomes more difficult.

Developing trends in airbag litigation reveal that airbag defects can come in many forms. Consumers and attorneys evaluating an airbag’s role in their injuries should consider the possibility that the airbag failed to perform as intended.

Inadvertent deployments of airbags

Sometimes an airbag will deploy, or “fire,” when it is not intended. An airbag deploying without an accident is a classic example of an inadvertent deployment, and can be the basis of a claim when significant injuries occur.

Late deployments of airbags

Airbags are intended to deploy within milliseconds of the car’s computer sensing that a major crash occurred. Sometimes, due to sensor placement issues, faulty components, or airbag algorithm problems, the airbag can deploy long after it should. The result is that the occupant does not receive necessary protection until after the forces of the impact have already caused preventable injuries.

Failure of an airbag to deploy

Most manufacturers design airbags to deploy in moderate to severe accidents. Airbags are neither needed nor desired in low speed accidents, as the forces required to deploy an airbag in time may do more harm than good. However, as airbags become more complex, more and more fail to deploy. In these cases, consumers can sustain injuries that could have been prevented if the airbag had fired as intended and designed.

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