4 Passengers File Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Megabus

After Megabus Accident, 4 Passengers File Personal Injury Lawsuits

MegabusOn Tuesday morning, October 14th, a Megabus bound for Chicago suffered a severe crash that left at least 26 of the 56 passengers injured, with 6 of those injuries considered serious. A total of 18 people had to be taken to area hospitals after the crash.

Investigators blamed the Megabus accident on driver inattention, and more recently have pinpointed the cause of distraction to be malfunctioning windshield wipers.

On Wednesday, October 15th, four of the passengers on the Chicago-bound Megabus filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company. The passengers filing against Megabus suffered numerous different injuries, including a separated shoulder, lost teeth, and facial cuts requiring stitches.

“The passengers reported hearing the bus driver complain that the windshield wipers were not working, and it was difficult to see the road in the rain,” a prosecutor said in the statement on behalf of the personal injury plaintiffs. “We suspect a malfunction in the windshield wipers prevented the bus driver from adequately seeing the road and contributed to the crash.”

“It’s a very traumatic event for them to wake up from a sleep having the bus turn over, you’re face-down in broken glass and you have bodies flying down on top of you, causing physical injury.”

The plaintiffs claim in their personal injury lawsuit that the driver announced to passengers on the Megabus that the windshield wipers were not working. That distraction, along with driving too fast, and improper driver training, led the passengers to file their personal injury lawsuit against the company.

Investigators with Indiana State Police, who were at the scene of the Megabus accident, said that there did not appear to be any mechanical problems with the bus itself that would have caused the accident.

This is not the first bus accident issue that Megabus has faced. The service has quickly spread across the US and remains popular because of its low cost. However, the company has had several high-profile accidents in the past few years.

In August 2012, for example, a Megabus on route to Chicago blew out a tire which led to dozens of injuries and one death. Although the driver was credited for not reacting in a way that would have caused further severe injuries, the bus itself suffered from lack of maintenance. One week later, however, another Megabus in downtown Chicago struck and killed an elderly woman. The day after that, a Megabus headed to Charlotte, NC caught fire.

“All Megabus.com companies have had a DOT audit within the past 6 months and all have been given the highest rating achievable by the DOT, which is satisfactory,” spokesman Sean Hughes said in a statement. “The trip had two drivers, which is a normal Megabus safety procedure and above the federal requirement for overnight trips. The drivers signed on at 10 pm the night before, and were on duty for a total of 6 and a half hours when the incident occurred.”

Although the company has not suffered an accident this serious in at least two years, Megabus drivers have been cited for 7 traffic violations, and 6 violations of hours of service on the road – meaning the drivers could be tired or poorly trained, which would lead to terrible accidents, personal injury, and death for passengers and drivers alike.

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