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Distracted Driving and Tractor Trailers Don’t Mix

Distracted Driving Leads to Tractor Trailer Accident off Maine Highway On Monday, October 27th, a tractor trailer ran off the road and leaked fuel into the mud after crashing. State troopers say the accident was caused by distracted driving. Reportedly, the driver, Steven Haggan, was unfamiliar … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving Caused Train-Truck Accident

Baltimore Train-Truck Accident Caused by Distracted Driving, Investigators Find A year and a half ago, a truck collided with a train, causing a serious crash and train derailment. Now, a report from Baltimore-area investigators shows that the truck driver was at fault in the accident, because of … [Read more...]

Ridesharing Services Required to Purchase Personal Injury Insurance

California Governor Signs  Insurance Bill for Ridesharing Services Into Law to Cover Passenger Personal Injury In September, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that would require ridesharing companies like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar to purchase insurance covering for their drivers, … [Read more...]

4 Passengers File Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Megabus

After Megabus Accident, 4 Passengers File Personal Injury Lawsuits On Tuesday morning, October 14th, a Megabus bound for Chicago suffered a severe crash that left at least 26 of the 56 passengers injured, with 6 of those injuries considered serious. A total of 18 people had to be taken to area … [Read more...]

Fracking Boom Increases Traffic Accident Deaths in Texas

Traffic Accident Deaths Caused by Exhausted and Distracted Drivers in Texas Linked to Fracking Jobs As cars were designed with driver safety in mind, traffic accidents deaths in Texas have been falling. The trend continued across the Lone Star State for decades, until a boom in oil mining and … [Read more...]

New Hands-Free Technology Leads to Distracted Driving

In-Car, Hands-Free Technology Can Cause Distracted Driving Two new studies show that hands-free technology, as well as built-in technology in many modern cars, can cause distracted driving. A study conducted by AAA and the University of Utah, which looked at hands-free and voice-activated … [Read more...]

Soulja Boy’s Girlfriend, Daughter Recovering From Car Accident

Girlfriend, Daughter of Rapper Soulja Boy Recovering from Car Accident After a car accident on Wednesday, October 8th, rapper Soulja Boy (famous for “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”) took to Instagram and asked his numerous followers to pray for his family. "My girlfriend @niariley was in a car … [Read more...]

FDA Issues Warning that OTC Meds Can Lead to Impaired Driving

FDA Warns Consumers that Over-the-Counter Medications Can Lead to Impaired Driving A recent warning from the Food and Drug Administration suggests that over-the-counter medications can make consumers too drowsy to drive safely, which can lead to impaired driving charges and accidents. Many … [Read more...]

California Emergency Responders Growing Cause of Distracted Driving Accidents

Increase in Distracted Driving Among Emergency Responders Leads to Serious Accidents New statistics from Southern California show a rise in distracted driving accidents caused by emergency responders, such as firefighters and police officers. On Sunday, October 5th, a Los Angeles-area newspaper … [Read more...]

Walmart Disputes Tracy Morgan’s Trucking Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit

Tracy Morgan Filed Personal Injury Lawsuit After Trucking Accident, Walmart Claims Morgan is At Fault After a terrible trucking accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan’s limousine and a Walmart truck, which severely injured Morgan and killed one of his friends, the comedian filed a personal injury … [Read more...]