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Rideshare Services Don’t Do Proper Criminal Background Checks

Rideshare Services Accused of Failing Criminal Background Check Policies After sweeping the United States and the world with its popularity, rideshare services like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar now face accusations in their homestate – California – that the companies don’t conduct thorough enough … [Read more...]

NASCAR Driver, Tony Stewart, Could Still Face Wrongful Death Lawsuit

NASCAR Driver, Tony Stewart, Cleared of Criminal Charges, Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit After an horrific crash that killed one NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart, the driver responsible has been cleared of criminal charges and liability, but the victim’s family may still pursue a wrongful death … [Read more...]

Texting and Driving Campaign “#X” Goes Viral

One Day After Premiere, Texting and Driving Campaign “Just Text #X” Goes Viral Texting and driving has surfaced as one of the leading causes of death among teenagers and young adults, higher even than drunk driving. The mortality rate for distracted driving in general is as high as the mortality … [Read more...]

Family Settles with Greenville South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Greenville and Family Settle South Carolina Wrongful Death Lawsuit Involving Taser Death The family of a 39-year-old schizophrenic man and the City of Greenville, SC have finally reached a settlement in a South Carolina wrongful death lawsuit. In 2010, victim Andrew Orval Torres allegedly … [Read more...]

Tech Company Offers Anti-Distracted Driving Program

Tech Company and Sprint Partner for Anti-Distracted Driving Program Although many activities can distract a driver – talking to a passenger, messing with the radio, eating or putting on makeup – the current number one cause of distracted driving is mobile phone use. Mobile phones, especially … [Read more...]

Smartwatches Could Cause Distracted Driving

Despite Cell Phone Bans, Distracted Driving Could Increase Due to Smartwatches Apple recently announced the new iPhone 6, as well as the Apple Watch, the latest in a growing market of smartwatches. The new iPhones feature larger screens so websites and media can be seen more clearly, and … [Read more...]

Man Charged with Felony DUI in Fatal DUI Accident

DUI Charges for Man Who Caused Fatal DUI Accident that Killed Two People The South Carolina Highway Patrol arrested a Westminster, SC resident on DUI charges after he caused a fatal DUI accident that led to a 5-car pile-up and the deaths of two people. Around 7:45 PM on Saturday, September 6th, … [Read more...]

GM to Help Prevent Distracted Driving by Developing New Software

GM and Takata Reportedly Developing Eye-Sensing Tech to Prevent Distracted Driving A new facial recognition software may be applied to vehicles to help prevent distracted driving, according to a new report. The system was developed by Australian company Seeing Machines, which works with … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed for Bike Crash that Killed Former Napster COO

Family Will File Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against LA Cop That Killed Entertainment Lawyer in Bike Crash The family of an entertainment lawyer and former COO of Napster announced on Thursday, August 28th, that they would move forward with the wrongful death lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles … [Read more...]