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Company Liable for Trucking Accident Case

Judge Holds Company Liable for Affiliate in Trucking Accident Case Plaintiff Michael Stratton lost his wife in a trucking accident in 2009, when a truck driver caused a crash on the New York Turnpike because he was watching pornography while driving. The truck driver is currently in jail on … [Read more...]

Multistate Traffic Safety Campaign Up for Labor Day

SC, NC, GA Take Part in “Hands Across the Border” Traffic Safety Campaign for Labor Day An estimated 1.5 million people will travel through the Carolinas this Labor Day weekend, according to AAA Carolinas. About 90% of those traveling will be driving, which means traffic safety becomes very … [Read more...]

Columbia In Top 200 Cities for Traffic Safety

Columbia Falls in Top 200 List of Cities with Safest Drivers, Traffic Safety According to Allstate America’s Best Drivers report, Columbia, SC ranks 154th out of 200 cities in the United States surveyed for traffic safety and other driving concerns.Columbia lost a few positions this year – in … [Read more...]

Updates to Distracted Driving Laws Could Lead to Cell Phone Ban

San Antonio Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Cell Phones in Distracted Driving Law A lawmaker in San Antonio has proposed updates to local distracted driving laws that would mean drivers cannot not use cell phones at all while in their vehicles.Mike Gallagher, from District 10, proposed a revision to San … [Read more...]

Man Arrested for Boating Accident

Man Faces Charges in Boating Accident that Led to Death Clarendon County police and officers from the SC Department of Natural Resources have arrested a man on charges from a boating accident in July that killed a University of South Carolina student.The boating accident that occurred on Lake … [Read more...]

Driver In NYC Tour Bus Crash Arrested for DUI

Tour Bus Driver Arrested for DUI After Bus Crash Causing Numerous Injuries The driver of a double-decker tourist bus in New York City has been arrested on DUI charges after causing a bus crash with another tour bus late on Tuesday night.The tour bus crash occurred around 8:30 PM on Tuesday … [Read more...]

Parents Are Largest Cause of Teens’ Distracted Driving

Teenage Distracted Driving is a Problem Parents Contribute To Teenagers are one of the largest problem groups when it comes to distracted driving, especially from talking on the phone or texting and driving. However, a new study shows that the cause of a teen's distracted driving is, more than half … [Read more...]

School Bus Cameras Used to Enforce Traffic Safety

New Law Allows Better Enforcement of Traffic Safety with School Bus Cameras A new South Carolina law allows police to better enforce traffic safety laws, and ticket drivers who illegally pass school buses when the “Stop” arm is out, by using the built-in school bus cameras.According to a WIS … [Read more...]

Study Shows Texting and Driving Legislation Works

New Study Shows That Laws Work to Prevent Texting and Driving Accidents A new research study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that texting and driving legislation is the most effective means of preventing that type of distracted driving accident.Texting and driving has … [Read more...]

Kendall Jenner Accused of Distracted Driving for Instagram Video

Reality Star Kendall Jenner Slammed for Posting Video of Distracted Driving to Instagram Model, reality star, and member of the Kardashian family Kendall Jenner has been slammed for promoting and taking part in distracted driving after she posted an Instagram video of her and a friend belting an … [Read more...]