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Alcohol-Related Car Accident Deaths Underreported

Study Shows Car Accident Deaths Caused by Alcohol Use are Underreported A new study from the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicates that car accident deaths caused by drunk drivers are underreported on death certificates. “Alcohol misuse is the fourth leading cause of … [Read more...]

Drug Overdoses, Distracted Driving Leading Causes of Accidental Death

Accidental Death Stats Show Overdoses, Distracted Driving are Leading Causes A new report shows that poisonings from drug overdoses and distracted driving are the leading causes of accidental death among working age adults in the United States. In half of the poisoning cases, prescription drugs … [Read more...]

SC Senate Bill Will Double Fines for Speeding in Work Zones

New Proposed Bill Will Double Fines for Speeding in Work Zones in SC A proposed bill in the South Carolina Senate will at least double fines for speeding through work zones in the state. Elizabeth Ward, from Georgetown County, testified before the senate on March 18th, regarding the … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Leads Uber and Lyft to Better Insurance

Uber and Lyft Expand Insurance for Drivers After Wrongful Death Lawsuit Ride-share companies Uber and Lyft have agreed to expand insurance coverage of drivers after Uber faced a wrongful death lawsuit filed in January of this year. The wrongful death lawsuit involved an Uber driver, Syed … [Read more...]

Driver Kills 2, Injures 23, Fleeing DUI Checkpoint at SXSW

Driver Fleeing DUI Checkpoint Kills 2 at SXSW Conference A driver fleeing a DUI checkpoint hit several pedestrians attending the SXSW conference, a film, music, and interactive conference in Austin, Texas. The driver, whose name was not released as of Thursday, March 13th, injured 23 people and … [Read more...]

ATV Accident Numbers Rise in Nice Weather

With Nice Weather, More People Use ATVs, End Up in ATV Accidents According to Maury County Fire Department District 1 Chief Richard Schatz, nice weather coincides with a rise in ATV accidents. “When the weather gets nicer, the ATV and the motorcycle traffic picks up, Schatz said. “ … We … [Read more...]

Apple’s CarPlay Could Cause to Distracted Driving

Apple Announces Hands-Free Tech, But Could Cause Distracted Driving In early March, Apple announced a new device called CarPlay to allow for hands-free phone use while driving. However, studies show that any kind of technology use in the car can cause distracted driving, which can lead to serious … [Read more...]

Google Lobbies Against Distracted Driving Legislation

Google Argues Against Distracted Driving Laws Aimed to Prevent Using Google Glass in Vehicles Google has sent lobbyists to at least three states to talk to legislators about proposed distracted driving legislation that would ban drivers from using Google Glass. At least eight states are … [Read more...]

SC Texting and Driving Ban Passes Committee

Statewide South Carolina Texting and Driving Ban Moves to Senate Floor South Carolina is the only Southern state without a texting and driving ban, but that could soon change. On Tuesday, February 25th, a Senate judiciary committee passed the latest attempt at a statewide texting and driving … [Read more...]