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Uber Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit in California

Famous Internet Car-Sharing Service Uber Goes to Court in Wrongful Death Lawsuit In San Francisco on New Year’s Eve, a family was struck by an Uber driver while crossing a crosswalk – the mother and brother were injured, while a 6-year-old was killed. On Monday, January 27th, the little girl’s … [Read more...]

Charleston Reps File Motorcycle Helmet Safety Legislation

Three State Reps Have Filed New Legislation to Require Helmets for Motorcycle Safety Three state representatives have filed new legislation to require helmets for motorcycle drivers and passengers in response to a recent spike in motorcycle accident deaths. On Wednesday, January 14th, Reps. … [Read more...]

Three People Killed in DUI Car Accident in Fairfield

Third Victim of DUI Car Accident in Fairfield Dies in Hospital The third person involved in a terrible DUI car accident on Thursday, January 23rd, has died in the hospital. According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the car accident occurred around 2:30 AM in Fairfield County, near … [Read more...]

Greenville’s Distracted Driving Ban Gets Mixed Reviews

Public Responds to Greenville’s Proposed Distracted Driving Ban In December, the city of Greenville, SC proposed a distracted driving ban, focusing particularly on the use of cell phones and other handheld devices in cars. The proposed bans includes exceptions for emergencies, and for first … [Read more...]

Request for New Wrongful Death Trial for Michael Jackson Denied

Jackson Family’s Request for New Wrongful Death Trial on Behalf of Michael Jackson Denied by Judge Los Angeles County Judge Yvette Palazuelos, who presided over Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial last year, has denied a request from the Jackson family to have a new trial. The 2013 wrongful … [Read more...]

6 Sued for Wrongful Death After 2010 Fatal Tailgating Accident

Family Sues Tailgating Party Organizers in Wrongful Death Lawsuit The family of a man killed after a fight in the post-football game traffic rush at Williams-Bryce Stadium in 2010 have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the people who organized the tailgating party that led to the drunken … [Read more...]