Teen Texting While Driving Increases

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A new study examining teenagers and risky behavior found teens are smoking marijuana more than cigarettes, and texting while driving more than driving under the influence.

The study, conducted by the Center for Disease Control, shows that nearly one in three teens admitted to sending a text or email while drivingwithin a 30-day survey period.

The study further found that as many as one in six teenagers have been bullied through text messaging or social media within a 12-month survey period.

Although the increase in texting and marijuana use is concerning, the study highlighted a drop in the number of students who admitted to drinking and driving and/or riding with someone who had been drinking.

According to the study:

  • There was a 20 percent drop over the 20-year period (1991-2011) in the number of teens who rode with an impaired driver.
  • Aditionally, there was the 70 percent drop in teens who rode without seatbelts over the same 20 year period.
  • From 1997 to 2011 there was a 53% drop in the number of teens who drove under the influence of alcohol (17 percent versus 8 percent).

The study also found that cigarette smoking in teens decreased from 19 percent to 18 percent from 2009 to 2011. For that same period, however, marijuana use increased from 21 percent to 23 percent.  Although this is not a large increase, it translates to more teens smoking marijuana than cigarettes.

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Teens Die in Train Accident During Dangerous Game of ‘Ghost Train’

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Two Missouri high school girls died in a deadly train accident while their car was parked in the middle of train tracks during a deadly game of what the teenagers called “Ghost Train.”

15-year-old Victoria E. Swanson and 17-year-old Haley Whitmer, were playing a game with three other teens. They would drive out to a popular set of railroad tracks, fog up the windows and tell ghost stories.

According to police, the teenagers had played the game many times before. The idea was to let your mind play tricks on you and if a real train appeared, to simply drive away.

But when the teenagers heard the train coming and tried to drive away, the Jeep wouldn’t restart. While the others in the car were able to escape, Swanson and another girl panicked and weren’t able to get out of their seatbelts in time.

In a heroic act of bravery, Whitmer ran back toward the car to try and help them just as the train smashed into the vehicle.

She was able to free Kaitlyn Fowler, who is currently in critical condition at St. Francis Hospital in Cape Girardeau with serious personal injuries.

No one on the train, which was traveling from St. Louis to San Antonio, was injured.

The railroad tracks where the crash happened have long been the subject of ghost stories and urban legends. Locals say the teenagers were obsessed with sitting on the tracks and trying to catch a thrill.

The coroner said the teenagers weren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the train accident happened, and that the Jeep must have had electrical issues.

According to the US Department of Transportation, there are approximately 5,800 vehicle train accidents each year in the United States. Train accidents typically occur at railroad crossings.  As a result of these train accidents, each year 600 people are killed and another 2,300 people are injured. Deadly train accidents are often the result of the railroad’s neglect, whether due to the negligence of the operator or improper maintenance of the railroad.

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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Shark Attack

A weekend shark attack at Myrtle Beach reminds us all of the hidden dangers lurking in the water.

Ryan Oreliana-Maczynski, 25, was bitten on the foot by a shark in Myrtle Beach on Saturday. The shark attack happened around 7:45 pm near the 2nd Avenue Pier. Beach Patrol Sgt. Philip Cain said the sharks often appear come to the pier around dusk to feed.

With the school year over, parents, children, and the like are flocking to local beaches.  The shark experts at the Discovery Channel, makers of Shark Week, have issued 10 tips to avoid Shark Attacks for those planning a beach trip this summer.

  1. Always swim in a group. Sharks frequently attack those who are swimming alone.
  2. Stay close to shore. If you are attacked by a shark, the closer you are to shore, the more likely you are to be rescued.
  3. Do not swim at night, dusk or dawn. This is the most active time for sharks.
  4. Do not go into the ocean with bleeding or with an open wound. Sharks can smell and taste blood.
  5. Remove all shiny objects before entering into the ocean. Sharks are attracted to shiny things because they resemble the scales of a fish, which is what they prey on.
  6. Do not swim in waters being fished or containing lots of bait fish. A good rule o f thumb is if there are seabirds diving into these waters, avoid them.
  7. Do not wear brightly colored clothing. Sharks have a great capacity for visualizing contrast and bright colors stick out.
  8. Do not splash unpredictably in the water. Sharks are attracted to erratic movements.
  9. Do not venture to drop-offs or sand bars, these are the local hang out spots for sharks.
  10. If you see a shark, do not touch it. Try to get away before you become a shark attack victim.


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