Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyers

18 Wheeler Accidents

18 Wheeler Accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles such as semi tractor trailers, flatbed or tanker trucks, buses, or construction accidents can often result in a serious injury or death.

Injuries sustain in these types of accidents can be disabling. Accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles can cause:

  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Job loss
  • Extended leave of absence
  • Family issues

These are just a few of many problems that can result from a serious injury involving an accident with commercial trucking.

Our attorneys can help you gain the compensation you deserve. We understand how to analyze the employment, corporate, and contractual relationships, and we may be able to reveal many more defendants who are responsible for compensating you for your damages.

Whether you were injured in a bus accident, tractor trailer accident, or any other commercial trucking accident, we can help.

With careful analysis and investigation we will look at critical factors including:

  • Commericial truck crash cases
  • Maintenance and equipment records for the vehicle
  • Oversize and overweight loads
  • Weather, road, and grade conditions
  • Drivers’ conditions

We can also analyze the many layers of insurance coverage for corporate defendants.

Do not hesitate to contact us concerning injuries you may have received as a result of a commercial trucking accident. Trucking companies are aggressive in their representation. Protect your rights by hiring an experienced attorney.

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