Is the Airbus A380 Safe?

Airbus A380 Aircraft – Super Decker Plane. Super Smart or Super Dangerous?

Cracks have been found in three Airbus A380 airplanes, according to Australian aircraft engineers. Cracks were found in the wings of Singapore Airlines and Qantas airlines super-jumbos. As a result, Australian airline engineers are ordering the planes to be grounded for inspection.

“We can’t continue to game with people’s lives and allow those aircraft to fly around and hope that they make it until their four-yearly inspection,” Steve Purvinas, secretary of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association, said.

Both airlines and Airbus have admitted to the cracks but insist they pose no threat.

“We confirm that cracks were found on non-critical wing attachments on a limited number of A380s,” an Airbus spokesperson said.

“We’ve traced the origin of these hairline cracks, and developed an inspection and repair procedure which can be done during routine maintenance,” the Airbus spokesperson continued.

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Nicholas Ionides, spokesman from Singapore Airlines said in an email, “Cracks were found on a small number wing rib feet on an Airbus A380 during inspections in the second half of last year. These pose no safety issue and repairs were carried out on the aircraft.”

Qantas discovered the cracks after an engine failure. The carrier said the engine failure was not the result of the cracks and both have now been repaired.

Some Brief Facts about Airbus A380’s

-Currently there are 67 Airbus A380s in use worldwide by seven airlines. These airlines include: Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Air France, Lufthansa, Korean Airlines, and China Southern.

-Singapore Airlines is the worlds’ second-biggest carrier. They currently operate 14 A380s and have five on order.

-Qantas currently operates 10 and has 20 A380s on order.

-Both Singapore Airlines and Qantas use Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines.

-The A380 has been in service for five years and seats 525 passengers in three classes.

-In total 238 aircraft have been ordered by 17 different airlines.

-The A380 can carry 525 passengers in a three class configuration; it can carry up to 853 passengers in economy class.


Man Steals Car, Hits Curb and Lands on a Roof

Residents in Fresno, California were stunned when they heard a ‘thud’ on the roof of their apartment at 1.30 a.m.  Then, they looked outside a saw a car parked there. Unfortunately for the residents, it was not Santa Claus. The driver, who police say stole the car from a nearby house, was speeding in foggy conditions, hit the curb and some rocks, launching the vehicle 20 feet into the air.

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After going airbourne, the car somehow landed on the sloped roof of the apartment building, where it came to a standstill.

“I thought it was an earthquake. I heard the house moving,” Jeanell Ricks, who was inside the apartment, reported to CBS news.

Police said the 25-year-old suspect, Benjamin Tucker, jumped from the roof and broke his leg. CBS news is reporting he was found and arrested at his ex-girlfriend’s house a quarter of a mile away.  He apparently stole the car from the woman’s house just minutes earlier.

Mr. Tucker was then taken to hospital for treatment.

The suspect already has two outstanding warrants for his arrest, faces charges including hit-and-run and running away from an officer.   Police say they are investigating whether drugs or alcohol are involved with what he stole.

By: South Carolina Accident Attorney Pete Strom



BMW Drivers are the Most Likely Drivers to Use Their Horns

According to a new survey published on, BMW drivers are the most aggressive drivers on the roads, and tend to use their horn the most.

BMW produces some of the best cars in the world, but some individuals have a certain belief about BMW drivers. Many jokes exist about BMW drivers, calling them pushy or unreasonable, but the drivers themselves admit to using their horn more than any others on the road.

Over 2,000 drivers were surveyed and asked how often they use their horn on an average journey.  The study found that 53% of BMW drivers admitted to using their horn at least once every time they go out, which was three times the average of 18%.

On the other side of the spectrum, only 5% of Nissan drivers said they use their horns on a regular basis. Other car brands with louder-than-average drivers are Jaguar (45%), Fiat (43%), Audi (39%) and the recently bankrupt Saab (29%).

The top two reasons for sounding a horn were 1) when a fellow driver cuts you off, or 2) when the driver in front of you does not notice a green light.

When asked what is the horn actually for, some interesting answers were given.

Around 10% of individuals didn’t know what it was for.  52% said it was there to warn pedestrians and other drivers of a dangerous situation, 6% said it was there to express anger, and another 6% said it was for alerting people of their arrival or that they were waiting outside.

By: South Carolina Accident Lawyer Pete Strom