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Is the Airbus A380 Safe?

Airbus A380 Aircraft - Super Decker Plane. Super Smart or Super Dangerous? Cracks have been found in three Airbus A380 airplanes, according to Australian aircraft engineers. Cracks were found in the wings of Singapore Airlines and Qantas airlines super-jumbos. As a result, Australian airline … [Read more...]

Man Steals Car, Hits Curb and Lands on a Roof

Residents in Fresno, California were stunned when they heard a 'thud' on the roof of their apartment at 1.30 a.m.  Then, they looked outside a saw a car parked there. Unfortunately for the residents, it was not Santa Claus. The driver, who police say stole the car from a nearby house, was speeding … [Read more...]

BMW Drivers are the Most Likely Drivers to Use Their Horns

According to a new survey published on webuyanycar.com, BMW drivers are the most aggressive drivers on the roads, and tend to use their horn the most. BMW produces some of the best cars in the world, but some individuals have a certain belief about BMW drivers. Many jokes exist about BMW drivers, … [Read more...]