Victims of a DUI Accident

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Fighting for Victims of Drunk Driving Accidents

A drunk driving accident can change your life forever, and cause serious injury or even death.

In addition to the physical injuries, drunk driving injury victims often feel angry, frustrated and hopeless.

An accident caused by a drunk driver can leave you with:

  • mounting medical bills
  • injuries that prevent you from being able to work
  • medical treatment that you need, but cannot pay for
  • funeral expenses
  • an injured spouse, leaving you as the sole bread-winner.

Financial recovery after a crash with a drunk driver can be difficult – if not impossible – to handle on your own.  Founded in 1996 by Former US Attorney and Assistant Solicitor Pete Strom, The Strom Law Firm, LLC, has a team of experienced victim’s advocates who can provide aggressive representation to victims and families. The team pursues justice and fair compensation for injuries sustained through no fault of the victim and their family after an accident with a drunk driver. Continue reading “Victims of a DUI Accident”

YouTube Soccer Sensation Killed in Car Accident

The Lebanese Football Assoication reported that YouTube celebrity, Theyab Awana, was killed in a car accident on Sunday. Mr. Awana was a wide midfielder from the United Arab Emirates; he became a YouTube star after scoring a back-heel penalty in a match against Lebanon.

View the video here.

The 21-year-old passed away following an accident in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi.

The national team was preparing for a trip to Asia next month when news of Awana’s death broke.

According to reports, the UAE team administrator said the whole team went to the funeral today. Continue reading “YouTube Soccer Sensation Killed in Car Accident”

Police: Man Shot over Parking Space

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Don’t Steal Parking Spaces!

WIS-TV reports an incident in which a manwas shot in the leg after arguing over a parking space.

Orangeburg police say one of their authorities was patrolling the area of Edgewood Apartment on Folly Road when he heard a loud pop.

The officer said he saw a flash from a gun held by a person standing by the playground at approximately 9:15 p.m.  The officer started to investigate the shots, and then he said he heard three to four more shots fired. Continue reading “Police: Man Shot over Parking Space”

Trucking Accident Nets $3 Million Dollar Reward

trucking-accidentA federal jury has awarded $3 million to the family of a 33-year-old-man killed in a tractor trailer accident two years ago in Florida on Interstate 95.

The verdict came down in U.S. District Court by the jury for the death of Julio Rentas, Jr.

In 2009, one commercial tractor trailer was merging onto the interstate for the emergency lane, but failed to yield the right of way.  The victim, who was driving a tandem tractor-trailer, hit the back of the merging truck. Continue reading “Trucking Accident Nets $3 Million Dollar Reward”

Dealing With A Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury

A family coping with a loved one suffering a traumatic brain injury is forced to deal with a lifelong, uphill battle that tests patience, devotion, and, very often, financial resources.

A victim of a car accident who is left with traumatic brain injury may never fully recover or regain the life they once had.

Without the calendar taped to the refrigerator in her parents’ kitchen, Kim Valentini wouldn’t know where her dad is. He doesn’t travel far and he isn’t hard to reach. Kim simply can’t remember from hour to hour — sometimes minute to minute — where he’s told her he’ll be. Continue reading “Dealing With A Traumatic Brain Injury”

Car Accident Settles for $10M with PATCO

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Four years ago a 55 year old man was driving to work when he was hit by a Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO) truck in Philadelphia.

The victim had just crossed a bridge into Philadelphia when the truck driver ran a red light and crashed the man’s vehicle into a median strip.  As a result of the accident, the victim suffered shattered bones and a broken ankle.

Twenty minutes into the Trial of the case, the parties called a recess, and settled for $10 Million dollars to by paid by PATCO.

The transit authority admitted before the trial began that its truck driver was responsible for the collision.

Since the accident, the victim has suffered through 12 surgeries including a painful debriding surgical procedure in an attempt to eliminate a serious infection in his leg which caused his flesh to begin rotting.  As a result, the physicians were were forced to amputate.

An accident can happen in a single moment and leave you out of work with mounting medical bills and unbearable pain.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, contact the South Carolina Accident Attorneys at the Strom Law Firm, LLC today for a free consultation.  803.252.4800


By: South Carolina Car Accident Lawyer Pete Strom


Accidents Caused by Faulty Tires

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), faulty tires cause approximately 8,000 accidents each year in the United States. After these accidents, drivers and passengers face medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Some accidents can even result in death. Victims and their families face physical and emotional pain. These accidents can give rise to a South Carolina wrongful death claim.

Who is at Fault

Determining who is to blame when a tire malfunctions can depend on whether the malfunction occurred as the result of a faulty design, a mistake during the manufacturing process, problems during mounting and installation of the tires, or the tires being improperly maintained.

Types of Tire Defects

Tread Separation

Tread separation occurs when the treads of the tire actually begin to separate from the rim. Although steel rims provide a strong base for the tire, they are problematic because the rubber treading will not adhere to the steel. If the tire is not designed and manufactured using technology that will overcome that problem, the treading can separate from the rim. This design or manufacturing defect can cause the tire to suddenly fail.

Installing Tires That are not Proper for the Vehicle

When tires are installed, it is important to make sure that the new tires are the proper size to fit the car’s rims. Failure to do so may cause the tires to malfunction. Also, tires are rated by the maximum speed at which they can safely operate. When installing tires, it is best to make sure that their speed rating is higher than the maximum speed of the car. Oversized tires have become popular on SUVs. This can be dangerous, as it raises the vehicle’s center of gravity and makes it more prone to rollover accidents.

Defects Arising During Mounting and Inflation

  • Debeading or Tire Bead Failure:  The beads of a tire are a bundle of wires that are key to maintaining inflation. If a tire is improperly designed or manufactured, or is installed on a mismatched rim, tire bead failure can occur. This leads to an immediate loss of pressure which can often cause a violent explosion that can result in serious bodily harm.
  • Multi-Piece Rims and Wheels:  Some configurations of wheels and rims are multi-piece and can explode, causing injury or death to tire mounters. The danger is so grave that OSHA requires repair shops that work on multi-piece rims and wheels to provide special safety cages for their employees.
  • Zipper Failures:  These failures occur when the sidewall of the tire bursts during inflation, which can injure a technician working on the tire.

Proper Tire Safety

By safely maintaining your tires, not only can you avoid car breakdowns and accidents, you can improve your car’s handling and get better fuel economy. According to the NHTSA, drivers should inspect their tires once a month and:

  • Check tire pressure and make sure it matches the tire pressure in your car’s owner’s manual
  • Check while driving to see if there is evidence of tire vibration or misalignment
  • Inspect the tires for cracked or bulging sidewalls, uneven or excess tread wear, or other signs of trouble
  • Check the treads for foreign objects and remove anything you find
  • Make sure all the valves have caps

It is also important to make sure that you do not overload tires. Your owner’s manual should tell you how much weight your car can safely bear. Keep in mind that when pulling a trailer, part of the weight of the load is carried by the car. While driving, it is important to slow down at pot holes, speed bumps and railroad tracks. Avoid running over curbs or hitting against them while parking.

The Transportation Reporting Enhancement Accountability and Documentation Act of 2000 (TREAD) requires tire manufacturers to notify the NHTSA about reported defects. You can check if a recall has been issued on your tires by visiting

What if you are Injured as a Result of a Tire Defect

All tire manufacturers are required to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, which means that they must manufacture tires to meet reasonable safety standards. However, tire companies often fail to do so.

In 2000 and 2001, Bridgestone/Firestone recalled millions of tires after it was discovered that hundreds of accidents that occurred due to defects in tires the company manufactured. These accidents frequently resulted in injury and death. The next year, a similar recall was issued by Continental Tires. Tire companies often try to blame accident victims by claiming that these victims improperly maintained the tires or did not properly respond when the tire failed. An attorney who has experienced in lawsuits involving car accidents can help victims get compensation for their injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a tire failure, call the South Carolina car accident attorneys at Strom Law Firm, LLC, at 803-252-4800.




By: South Carolina Accident and Personal Injury Attorney Pete Strom


WaveRunner Collision results in $35M Dollar Decision

A jury found Yamaha liable for a WaveRunner accident in 2005 that killed a 14-year-old girl.

The jury awarded $19 million to the family of the deceased teenager and $16 million to the teenager’s best friend who was injured in the crash.

In reaching their verdict, the jury held Yamaha responsible for failing to correct steering problems with the jetski itself and further failing to alert consumers of the hazards created by the mistake.

Source: Palm Beach Post

South Carolina is home to 2,876 miles of shoreline and 437,672 acres of lakes.  This creates seemingly limitless opportunities for recreational activities, and, unfortunately, for people to get hurt if something goes wrong.  According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, in 2010, there were 107 boating accidents that resulted in 26 fatalities.

Boating accidents are commonly the result of:

  • Operators who are not paying attention,
  • Inexperienced drivers who should not be operating the boat,
  • Boat drivers who speed and lose control,
  • Impaired boat operators who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Regardless of the reason for the incident, if you are injured in a boating accident through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. If you or someone you loved has been injured in a South Carolina boating accident, contact the Strom Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation ot review the facts of your case.  803.252.4800

By: South Carolina Personal Injury and Accident Attorney Pete Strom