Train Accident Kills 82-year-old Grandmother

An 82-year-old woman was killed in a train accident in Orangeburg, SC when a car driven by her grandson was struck by a train.

The accident occurred when Jeremy Weatherford, who was driving with his grandmother, Susan Weatherford, decided to drive around a car that was stopped in front of the tracks, waiting for an oncoming train to pass. As he was maneuvering around the vehicle, his tires got stuck in the tracks and he was unable to move the car in time.

Jeremy escaped from the car before the train barreled through the driver’s side, carrying the vehicle 80 yards and ejecting Susan from the car. Her body was found about 40 yards from the collision.

The ODPS Accident Reconstruction Team report and the preliminary investigation both indicate that driver error was a contributing factor in the fatal crash, according to reporters.

“My plan was to just drive over the tracks and get out of there, but I couldn’t do that because my wheels got stuck in the tracks,” Jeremy said.

Police can only speculate why the young man decided to try and beat the train. It was only three cars long and would have taken no longer than a minute to pass.

South Carolina train accidents caused by an impatient driver cause heartache and regret for everyone involved. The serious injuries and death that can occur from a train accident are irreversible. Sparing an extra minute or two and waiting for a train to pass safely is always a better idea than trying to beat the train in a race.

Drivers often misjudge a train’s speed and think that it is traveling slower than it actually is. It’s important for drivers to always follow railroad crossing signs and never assume they will be able to cross the tracks in enough time.

By: South Carolina Auto Accident Lawyer Pete Strom

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