Mineral Springs Train Wreck Results in Fatality

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How is it that in this day and age of technology, trains not have a GPS system alerting them to a problem ahead on the tracks?

Emergency crews have spent all day today clearing the debris from a train wreck that occurred in Mineral Springs, North Carolina.

Two CSX train crew members were killed and two others were injured when two freight trains collided in Union County, North Carolina.

The company’s spokesperson, Bob Sullivan, said one locomotive struck the other one from behind causing the train accident which occurred at 3:45 a.m. Tuesday Morning.  It is still unclear as to how fast the trains were traveling when the train wreck occurred.  According to reports, one train was stopped on the track.  However, it is unclear why the conductor was not notified that the other train was stopped ahead.

County officials said one of the railroad employees died at the scene and the other passed away at a medical center in Charlotte.  Two other crew members were treated at the crash site.

CSX officials said one train had 12 freight cars and was traveling from Atlanta, Georgia to Charlotte, North Carolina. The other had nine freight cars and was heading to Hamlet, North Carolina from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Both trains derailed and caused families in the five homes near the track to evacuate when a fire started.  Officials said no hazardous materials were involved.

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