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Midnight Rider Reaches Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

wrongful death lawsuit

Family and “Midnight Rider” Producers Reach Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit The family of a woman killed while working on the set of “Midnight Rider” earlier this year settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the producers of the independent film. On Wednesday, November 19th, 11 defendants, … [Read more...]

Tracy Morgan Fighting Traumatic Brain Injury After Car Accident

traumatic brain injury

Tracy Morgan May Not Be The Same Due to Traumatic Brain Injury Following Car Accident Attorney for comedian Tracy Morgan says his client is struggling to recover from a traumatic brain injury after his car accident involving a tractor trailer over the summer, and he may never be the same … [Read more...]

Rear-View Cameras Help Prevent Backover Accidents

backover accident

Car Accident Prevention Advocates Promote Rear-View Cameras to End Backover Accidents and Deaths AAA Mid-Atlantic safety officials say that recent tests conducted using rear-view cameras in some vehicles show that the added safety feature helps prevent backover accidents and deaths, especially … [Read more...]

Personal Injury Case Involves FitBit Data for First Time


Wearable Tech like FitBit Could Revolutionize Personal Injury Case Discovery A law firm in Calgary, Alberta has announced that it will use information collected by the popular wearable tech device FitBit as part of the discovery process for a personal injury case involving a car … [Read more...]

Va Suspends Fraternity Activity After Personal Injury Incident


West Virginia Suspends Fraternity Activities After Serious Personal Injury West Virginia University has suspended all fraternity and sorority activity after a freshman on campus suffered a “catastrophic medical emergency,” and had to be hospitalized. The personal injury could lead to claims of … [Read more...]

Fatal Reckless Driving Accident Leads to Prison Time

fatal reckless driving

Summerville Teen Faces 4 Years in Prison for Fatal Reckless Driving Accident A year after a terrible accident caused by one now 18-year-old’s fatal reckless driving in South Carolina, a conviction has been secured. Cullen Dupree, who should be a senior in high school this year, was sentenced to … [Read more...]

People Understand Dangers of Texting and Driving, Do It Anyway

danger of texting and driving

Study Shows Drivers Understand Danger of Texting and Driving but Chooses to do it Anyway A new survey shows that 98% of drivers understand the dangers of texting and driving – statistically, it just as dangerous as drinking and driving – but those drivers chose to text and drive regardless of the … [Read more...]

Study Links Motorcycle Accident Survival to Universal Helmet Laws

universal helmet laws

Universal Helmet Laws Help Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury, Increase Survival In Motorcycle Accidents A new study showed that states with universal helmet laws, which require motorcyclists to wear helmets at all ages, are directly tied to lower rates of traumatic brain injury, severe personal … [Read more...]

Bicycle Accident Deaths Increase in US

bicycle accident death

Wrongful Bicycle Accident Deaths Increase On Monday, October 27th, the Governors Highway Safety Association released a survey showing that, between 2010 and 2012, bicycle accident deaths rose 16% in the US, after dropping steadily since 1975. More people in the United States are using bicycles … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving and Tractor Trailers Don’t Mix

tractor trailer

Distracted Driving Leads to Tractor Trailer Accident off Maine Highway On Monday, October 27th, a tractor trailer ran off the road and leaked fuel into the mud after crashing. State troopers say the accident was caused by distracted driving. Reportedly, the driver, Steven Haggan, was unfamiliar … [Read more...]