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Charleston Police to Bust Uber Drivers

Uber drivers

Uber Rideshare is Illegal in SC, Charleston Police Will Bust Uber Drivers The Charleston Police Department announced on July 18th that they had plans to bust Uber drivers, and dissuade Charleston residents from using the mobile rideshare app. The move came after the police department spoke with … [Read more...]

Agency Updates Medical Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers

commercial truck driver

FMCSA Updates Medical Requirements for Commercial Truck Drivers to Prevent Trucking Accidents In May of this year, the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) updated requirements for commercial truck drivers, stating that they needed to see a … [Read more...]

Uber Rideshare Branches Into South Carolina

uber rideshare

Despite Licensing Issues, Uber Rideshare Service Begins Across South Carolina In spite of a warning from the South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff on June 24th, the popular Uber rideshare mobile app service has expanded into South Carolina. Uber’s ridesharing service will cover four major … [Read more...]

Bicyclist Death Leads to SC Felony DUI Charges

SC felony DUI

Driver Faces SC Felony DUI Charges After Striking and Killing a Bicyclist An Atlantic Beach resident was arrested on SC felony DUI charges on Saturday, July 12th, after striking and killing a bicyclist while driving drunk. Demetrius Cordell Hall, 24, was arrested on Saturday on charges of SC … [Read more...]

SC Rural Roads: Poor Maintenance Can Lead to An Accident

SC rural roads

SC Rural Roads: Poor Maintenance and Improperly Maintained Roads Are Dangerous As you are driving down I-26, I-77, or I-20, you may look out for dangerous drivers who may cause an accident.  You may not pay attention to dangerous road conditions and/or improperly maintained roads when you think … [Read more...]

Moped Accident Deaths Up from Last Year

moped accident

South Carolina Moped Accident Deaths Higher Than Last Year According to a report from the South Carolina State Highway Patrol, while the number of accident deaths on motorcycles or while not wearing a seatbelt is down, the number of moped accident deaths has increased. In the first six months of … [Read more...]

Google Driverless Cars and Accident Liability

driverless cars

Google’s Driverless Cars Create Accident Liability Questions Driverless cars are, like the electric car, becoming a huge focus for car manufacturers, especially Google, which has developed a working driverless car and stated at a conference earlier in June that it would try to begin production in … [Read more...]

Increased July 4th Weekend Traffic May Lead to Increased SC Auto Accidents

SC auto accidents

July 4th Weekend Traffic Increase Expected, Increased SC Auto Accidents Likely In Columbia, South Carolina, during every holiday season, travelers crowd airports and roads to see family to take off on nice vacations. AAA has released a forecast for this year’s July 4th holiday, stating that the … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Sued for Pedestrian Accident

pedestrian accident

Justin Bieber Sued For Personal Injury After Pedestrian Accident Justin Bieber recently managed to get out of a DUI charge in Florida, but now he faces a pedestrian accident lawsuit in California, for allegedly hitting a pedestrian in a minor car accident last year. Walter Damon Lee filed his … [Read more...]

Ridesharing Companies: What Happens After A SC Personal Injury Accident?

ridesharing companies

Ridesharing Companies Branch Out to SC, Personal Injury Dangers Loom SC personal injury accidents occur every day.  If you are the victim of an accident, you may be looking for insurance coverage to help you pay for your medical bills and lost wages.  With the expansion of ridesharing companies … [Read more...]